lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010

"My family and other Animals"...last question!

How do you imagine the characters' life back in England after their experience in Corfu? Choose two of the characters: Larry, Leslie, Margo, Gerald, mother.
Let your imagination fly!

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  1. Hi everybody!The movie time of the previous week was a great break for us!I enjoyed it a lot.Let´s my imagination fly now!I´m going to talk about two characters:Gerry and mother.As far as the little boy is concerned,I have to say he had a whale of a time in corfu!When Margo asked him what he was going to do,he said:Exploring!!!For me,that resembles a perfect summary of his life in the greek island and not only that,also his relationship with nature.In england,at first he would feel lonely,living in a city and perhaps being in contact with cold people.However,as he is an intelligent and active boy,he will manage to take care of a lot of animals and to find ways in which him and nature feel together again,I have no doubt of that.
    On the other hand, mother(as we could see at the very end of the movie)is sorry to come back to England because of her family and more precisely,because of her smart son.I take it taht she will get on well with the British and also she will be able to cope with her amazing family soa s to maintain their bonds.I consider amazing the fact that no matter what happened,the family always remain together,even in the most difficult moments.That could have happend because of the way in which she raised her children.
    That´s all for today,see you this afternoon in the language class.I´m looking forward to reading you r comments about this movie,hugs!

  2. Well, I imagine the first days of his life back in England very sad. They must have been very depressed of leaving such a beautiful place. Of course this situation must have affected some characters more that others... for instance, talking about Gerald, I strongly believe that he was the unhappiest of all. He was so happy in Corfu and was so cofortable, than it may have been a real setback in his life not having all the little strange animals and insects he used to play with, or not having a close company like the scientist who shared his interest by rare species. On the other hand, I imagine that the less affected by the trip was Margo. Although she may have missed all her greek affairs, I guess that for her, it must have been the same to sunbathe in Greece and in England, or to see greek fashion magazines or british ones. That is why I can say that there must’n have been so difficult for her.
    Well, I think that’s the end of my answer. Bye!


  3. Hi mates? How you doing? I hope you’re fine!
    To let my imagination fly, I’ve chosen Margo and Leslie and here it is my story:
    Going back to England, Margo, who has now a great tanned color, really misses all the guys she met in Corfu. Therefore, she decides to look for a new lover, but this time, everything is different. The family is more united than before so the boys, especially Leslie, don’t allow any stranger to capture her sister’s heart.
    One day, Margo tells the family that in the following day she will bring home an engineer student she has met at school. Gerry and Larry aren’t worry with this terrible news, because they know his brother Leslie will be in charge of the young boy.
    The expected day arrives and Leslie is ready to act. He builds a bomb and hides it behind the doorbell. According to his plan, when the boy rings it, the “little” bomb, as he calls it, will explode. On the other hand, Margo, who is extremely happy, has forgotten to cheek if the whole house is free from Leslie’s traps before the guest arrives. But now it’s too late. The doorbell rings and a loud explosion is heard. Can you imagine what happens next? While Margo cries in her room with her mum knocking at the door, Gerry, Larry and Leslie are happily laughing for having saved her only sister’s heart.

    Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Hi everyone!This movie has left a very nice impression on me since it deals with many amazing topics to think about! It is very important to understand that some characters are much more affected by leaving such a wonderful place than others. Definitely, the most upset one, although he hasn´t expressed it openly, is Gerry. He has won so much freedom, confidence and friends back there in Corfu that he´ll miss them a lot. Personally, I believe that Gerry´s travel back to England can only stengthen his love for nature. Being as intelligent as he is, once in England, he may resort to those things he has learnt to over come any difficult situation. What´s more he may start studying a lot on his own so as to learn even more about these little fellows of his. After some time of studying, he may go back to Corfu and meet his friends and talk for ages about what he has researched! While as for Leslie, this trip can be a setback since he cannot enjoy and practice shooting in the open any more. He will have to continue reading about hunting but not actually shooting animals. That´s why, he may feel a bit disappointed and depressed.
    I hope you enjoy my ideas!
    See u!!!

  5. Hi, mates! I really enjoyed watching this movie! I imagine the characters behaving in a same way they have always acted. So, I think that their lives back to England may be like this:
    All of them, Gerry, Mother, Margo, Leslie and Larry, feel very depressed for leaving the island. But, after a while, they return to their lives taking some comfort in the fact that they are going to come back to Corfu someday. Two months have passed by from their arrival and the family remember with delight the precious memories of the island. Margo is broken-hearted again after she and her last lover split up. Leslie is upset because he can not understand why his new neighbours hind from him and draw their curtains when he approaches them to show his latest acquisition, a rifle. Gerry has problems to breath again, he feels bored and frustrated in the school and he realises that his pets don’t fit properly to the new place. The animals show that they don’t like the house destroying it little by little. Mother is really worried about her family that she can not even cook. So, Larry, with his characteristic generosity, thinks in the only and most appropriated solution for all his family’s problems. “Let’s move to another place,” says Larry one rainy afternoon in England. Mother, shocked by the suggestion, realises that everybody in the room look expectantly at her waiting for an answer. “We are not moving to another villa, again! I’ve made my mind about that,” answers firmly their mother and goes back to the kitchen.

  6. Hi again!!!! Hope you’re fine!
    I’ve chosen Larry and Margo. When the family arrives to England, Larry steals Gerald the story he wrote. He rewrites it using sophisticated words and divides it into chapters. Larry takes the book to a friend who has a printing house. The book is a success!! And Larry earns a lot of money. But he feels sorry for having stolen his brother’s story and decides to give Gerald the money he earned. The little boy saves the money for a rainy day. Concerning Margo, she sends a letter to a fashion magazine and wins a trip to France. Gerald decides to buy tickets for the whole family and the Durrells go to Paris to accompany Margo. There, she meets Coco Chanel, a famous designer of that time and the girl becomes Coco’s PA! Until the woman discovers a little mouse in her handbag and find Leslie using one of her hats as a shooting blank. The members of the family are sad for returning to England but happy because they are together.
    Hope you like it! See you in class!
    Bye bye!!!


  7. Hi Cristian! Definitely, I go along with you when you imagine Gerald finding a way to be in contact with nature, even in England, away from the adventures of Corfu! It also amazes me that such diverse characters are together as a family no matter what.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the movie!

  8. Hi Florencia! No doubt Gerald must have found it difficult to settle down back in England. You've got a point when you say it must have been easier for Margo, though she must have missed sunny Corfu too! Do you remember the first scene? It was rainy and miserable when it should have been gloriously sunny in England!

  9. Nice comments Bibi! Yes, Gerry is a very intelligent boy and no doubt he'll make the most of what he learnt in Corfu to go on developing his knowledge and love for nature. Even when circumstances change and are not so good as before, we can make use of our strengths and knowledge to make our life a happy one. That's a great attitude! As for Leslie, you are right! Shooting won't be that easy in England, mainly if they live in a city!

  10. I enjoyed your comments Fabiola! I even laughed at the idea of yet another move for the family! It would be crazy... but who knows!

  11. Wow! you really let your imagination fly Luz! Good for you! Well, at least Larry had a decent attitude towards his brother! And Coco Chanel... very chick! I really enjoyed reading your story!

  12. Hello! Liliana the comment that I posted before was from Loli because she couldn´t post it. So, here is my comment:
    I´ve chosen Gerald and Mother. I imagine Gerald very sad because of the coming back to England. Despite this, he decides to go back to school, but this time, to a specific school where he learns everything about animals, insects and plants. He loves and enjoys going to school!
    And taking into account Mother, she falls in love with a man who is her new neighbor. He is about the same age as Mother, he is divorce and has 3 children. Obviously, at the very beginning, this love is rejected by all of Mother´s children, especially by Larry, even the fall out with the man´s children all the time. But then, they, fortunately, learn to accept that their mother has the right to be happy with another man. So, all together form a new and big family.
    Well, that´s all. And I have a question, I don´t know if it was explained in the movie or not, but my doubt is: what happened to Mother´s husband, the children´s father?
    See you!

  13. Hey there I've chosen Larry and Mother.
    Once they are back in England, Larry decides to settle down and apply for a job in a newspaper. This gives him the chance to keep writing but in a more formal and steady way. Also, he meets a girl to whom he plannes to marry in the future.The job gives him the chance to make money and starts living on his own, though not forgeting about his family.
    Mother is really pleased with her children and the new house, which is the exact size they need. The kitchen is huge and she loves it. She decides to send his son Gerald to school and falls in love with his son's teacher, who, by the way, Gerald is very fond of. They form a huge family and live happily ever after.

  14. Hi EVERYONE! I chose Margo as I really like the character. When she arrives to England, she will be on the lookout for a new lover to get rid of what she still feels for Gerry's teacher ( I don't remember his name lol)However, as far as I'm concerned, she won't be able to get rid of this love and so he will run away with him and they will be happy ever after.

    i hope you like it!

    See you ;)


  15. Hi guys" Sorry aobut confusing Valentina's and Florencia's post.
    you all did a very good job. I like the idea of mother falling in love again! She deserves a bit of private happiness too!
    Luz, the story says nothing about the father but I do know that Gerald Durrell's father died when he was a kid.
    Congrats to everybody!