lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

"MAD MEN" Episode 6: Babylon

Hi everyone!! Let's start this week with some interesting questions Brian has sent.

1) Pick one of the following characters and describe that person'sfantasy life. What dreams, desires, or wishes does he or she have?Then contrast that fantasy with the reality of the character's life.
- Joan
- Roger
- Betty
- Don
- Rachel
- Peggy

2) Of the characters listed above, which one is the most likely to have his/her fantasies come true in the future. Why?

Have a great week!!

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  1. Hi there! How you doing? I hope fine!
    For the first activity I’ve chosen Roger. In my opinion, his fantasies are to rap Joan and lock her up in a room without windows. In that way, she would be there for him all the time, without being able to escape. However, the reality is very different. Roger is married and has a daughter. What is more, when he offers her other kind of relationship, different from the one they are having now, Joan disagrees. Her dreams and fantasies don’t match up with Roger’s ideas.
    Talking about the second point, from my point of view, Peggy is the one who is more likely to have her fantasies come true in the future. She wants to be recognized at work and to climb the career ladder. She is a very determined and assertive person. One of the men in the offices is amazed by Peggy’s ideas about the lipstick and he recommends her. Then, she is assigned to write some phrases for the company’s ads. She feels very happy with the news and she feels she is closer to her dreams.

    That's it!


  2. Hi, class! Taking into account the first question, I’ve decided to talk about Rachel. I think that her fantasy is to have a romantic relationship with Dom. In the last episodes, it is evident that she is attracted by him, even though she tries to hide her feelings from Dom. In my opinion, she wishes that he had never gotten married. So, she feels upset because things cannot be different between them.
    According to the second question, I agree with Flor. I think that Peggy is the one who will probably have her fantasies come true. She is very hard working person and it’s clear that she really tries hard to make her job right and to improve herself. In the last episodes we watched, she succeeded in getting a promotion.
    That's all

  3. This is Christian's comment...

    Hi everybody!how is everything?I hope all of you are fine!Let´s talk about this episode which,by the way,I really enjoyed watching it last Friday.
    Concerning the first question, I will discuss Roger´s wishes,fantasies and desires.His fantasy is to trap Joan in a fourth floor walk- up without walls or windows and to lock up her there for a whole week.My guess is that could not be achieved because he has not only a wife but also a daughter.On top of that,Joan doesn´t like his desires.
    Concerning the second question,I will talk about Peggy.In my opinion, she is the most likely to have her fantasies come true in the future.As she wants to become more successful in her work,I think she will get the most of this new opportunity she was given.Besides she is a realible and confident person,what really helps her to acheive her dreams and face new challenges.
    That was all for today.Next week we will miss Bryan and another episode of Mad Men,I´m sure of that!
    Bye,see you!

  4. This is mine! Lol

    Well, it was such a enthralling episode. It's an advantage that we have Brian who can teach us more and more about the USA's culture. We are having a whale of a time watching this series. At least, I am lol.

    I chose Betty because I like her character of course. Her desire is to be young forever, if I remember correctly. She seems to be really worried about the fact that she can see wrinkles on her face. She wishes to be outstandingly beautiful for her husband Don, so that she will be attractive for him until they die. This is what I suppose since she looks as if she were really obsessed with this issue.

    As for the second question, I would say that Betty will be able to make her fantasy come true since her beauty will be “eternal” only if she uses cream for preventing wrinkles. I hope you like how I let my imagination flew lol

    HAVE AN AMAZING WEEKEND! Brian we will really miss you. Let’s keep in touch via mail, fb or msn.

    See you guys! :)

  5. This is Loly's comment:

    Hi guys! How are you doing? Concerning the first question, I’ve chosen Peggy. She wants to be successful in her profession and I think she desires to be noticeable. But above all, she wishes to be with Pete. I think she is really in love with him and that she is going to be able to make Pete’s crazy fantasy come true (the one about hunting and eat his prey while his woman watches him).
    In my opinion, the one closer to make her fantasy come true is Rachel. She wants to be with Don and she’s so determined that I think she will have him. Besides Don can’t resist her charms.
    Hope you like it!!
    See you in class.
    Bye bye!!

  6. Hello class!!! How are you???
    Well, considering the first question I am going to talk about Rachel. From my point of view, one of her fantasies is to be with Dom or at least to spend a night with him. Moreover, she seems to wish or desire him but what happens in reality is that she doesn´t want to show her real feelings towards him.
    Considering the second question, I think that Peggy is the one who is most likely to have her fantasies come true in the future. Why? Because she is a very hard-working as well as a responsible person. To add, she really wants to be effective in her job and if she behaves in this way, she will be able to get a promotion or a better position in her job.
    See you soon... Luci!!!

  7. Hello guys! I´ve really forgotten to answer this questions! I think because that day I didn´t go to class so I didn´t know what to write. But, well, these are personal questions so let´s start for the first one.

    Seeing that nobody has chosen him, I´m going to consider Dom. My opinion is that he really desires to be free. You would say that he is actually free, but, for me, he isn´t. He is prisoner of his job and his family. Dom feels the constant pressure of fulfill the role as a perfect boss, employee, husband and father! Too much! So, his biggest fantasy is to be alone thinking in nothing for some time (as we watched in one episode when he is alone in the car seeing the train passing), enjoying himself and having fun. I want to say that he wants to live a normal and simple life.

    Concerning the second question, I agree with all my mates who say that the person who is more likely to have her fantasies come true in the future is Peggy. She is very determined, hard working and a clear example of a self starter person, someone who is able to work independently, who understands quickly and who has common sense. So, she is someone who has her objectives clear, and every person who knows where to go, finally reaches the peak.

    Well, I think that´s it… see you soon!!