domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

"The Things They Carried": further discussion.

Here's something for you to think and write about.

In the story, the description of the different items in the soldiers' backpacks serve to humanize and individualize the soldiers. By listing their various belongings, O Brien helps the reader identify with the characters.

Are you what you carry? Does it reveal who you are? If your house was on fire and you could only carry out 10 items of your most precious belongings, what would you take?

Let's share our ideas. I'm looking forward to reading your comments.

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  1. Hello class!I see I´m the first one to talk about this incredible story by Tim O´brien.The first time I read it was a bit confusing,apart from the fact that the author´s style is not linear,it was very difficult for me to follow the whole story but then,when it was nalysed in class,I understood the difference between the tangble and intangible things that the soldiers carried.
    Personally speaking,I carry things inside of me and all these things I carry shape in a way or other give shape to my personality.I carry hopes,memories of my childhood,dreams of a better future not only for me but also for the human race,fears of failure,needs,that´s way it is imposible to live without others.I also carry inside of me the members of my family,who are the most important people in my life because without my mother and my father, I wouldn´t be writing right now.All my friends is another thing that I carry,because they make me happy,are very supporting people and I´m sure without them my life would be a life without bright,without reason.
    Concerning the second question,if my house was on fire, I would take all the albums of photographs I have of my childhood,the playstation which brings me back to the happiest moments when I was a kid and a music cd taht really keeps me going even in the most difficul moments.
    I hope to read your comments about such an amazing topic like this,bye see you tomorrow!

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  3. Personaly speaking, I think that we all are what we carry. Those things –tangible and intangible- reveal who we really are, which are our thoughts, desires and personality.
    If I had to pick ten material things, I think that I would choose:
    1- photographs: of my family and friends. In that way, although I could not be with them in a phisical way, I would feel that they are by my side at every moment.
    2- My childhood videos: My family has allways liked to use the camera, so I have lots of videos of birthday parties, family events, christmas, new year celebrations, trips, etc.
    3- My personal box: I have a box which contains letters from my friends and some from my mother. This box is very important for me because when I feel like remembering old days I can read those letters, have some fun and go back to that time (primary school, secondary school)
    4- Some tissue paper: I am allways sick, so I need them all the time.
    5- A jacket: For the same reason that I would pick the tissue paper. I have to be careful!
    6- My computer: I am very tied to my computer. I have all my things, my memories, videos, photos, writings, etc.
    7- My movile phone: So I can use it to call my mum. As she is working most of the time, we communicate each other by using the phone. I could not spend one single day without talking to her.
    8- My personal agenda: I am a very forgetful person, so I really depend on my agenda. If I do not write every single thing I have to do, then I completely forget about it.
    9- My Cd’s. I can not spend one single day without music
    10- My perfume. After all, I am a girl, so I like to be perfumed most of the time.

  4. This are Loly's answers:

    Hello again! What an amazing story!! I really liked it!
    Let’s see, I’m definitely what I carry. I’m my memories, my dreams, and my past, present and future. I’m my family, my friends and my boyfriend. And they totally reveal who I am; I’m a reflection of them. If my house was on fire, I would carry:
    1) photos; 2) my CDs; 3) my notebook; 4) my dogs and cat; 5) books; 6) some DVDs; 7) my savings!; 8) clothes; 9) my cell phone; 10) and a secret box (I won’t tell you what I have there!).
    What would you carry?
    I’m looking forward to reading your answers!
    See you!

  5. Very moving reading indeed!!! The things we carry tell a lot more than what we express and share with the ones around us. As for myself, I carry all my memories, dreams, ideas and ideals, values and beliefs; it is not easy to think about a person without his or her beliefs and dreams cause that is the real characteristic of his or her perrsonality. Concerning the hypothetical situation in which my house is on fire, I would take my books, some clothes and some photos. I don´t think I would need to take many things as I believe that one is what carries inside!
    I really loved reading this story! It makes us think a lot more about the intangible but most imoportant things in life not just about material stuff!
    See U!!!

  6. Hi boys and girls!
    Of course I’m what I carry, not only because I carry not only my own physical weight but also my thoughts, my feelings and my past. I also carry the people I’ve met and everything I’ve learnt from them. Happy and sad moments are also part of my “luggage”, let’s say.
    Personally, if my house was on fire, I would carry the following things:
    • A toothbrush because I can’t spend one day without brushing my teeth
    • My pets, definitely. Even though i wouldn’t know what to do with my life, i would take them anyway
    • A photograph album. It would be terrible to lose it! My whole life is represented on it.
    • My ID card
    • A bit of money to buy food at least
    • My notebook, because I have very important information there
    • Some cloth
    • My mobile because all my contacts are there
    • My glasses because I can’t see very properly without them
    • A blanket, in case I have to sleep in the street
    Bye boys and girls! Have a nice long long weekend!

  7. Hi! It is very interesting the idea that we are what we carry… many time we are surrounded by some tangible and intangible things that are invaluable or simply useful for us. In my case, these kinds of things have changed through time. First of all, I think that the most important (or heavier) are the intangible ones, because feelings and emotions are not like objects. You can think that an object is very essential in your life, but it may wear out or be damaged. You can change it for a new one or even forget about it after a while. However, what you feel is a part of you (and what you are). You may be hurt, and of course, you can overcome your pain, but you always will keep the bittersweet feeling in your heart.
    So, if my house was on fire, I think that I would take the feeling of “being at home,” my hopes, my values and some determination to continue my life. As far as material things are concerned, I would take my PC, some books, clothes, some money and clean sheets or a bar of soap.
    That’s all! See you in class…

  8. Hi classmates and teacher! What’s up?
    I have no doubt that I am what I carry. To my mind, all human beings are identified by the things they carry, not only tangible but also many intangible things. Those are the ones which make the human being’s essence, the things that tell you how a person really is. If you know what I mean.

    Now, if my house is on fire, I will carry out:
    • All my pictures since I was a little baby
    • My puppy Johnny, of course!
    • My parrot Catalina, who is 16 years old!
    • All the music I have
    • My mobile phone
    • My teddy bear ( a special one)
    • My pillow ( I can’t sleep without it)
    • My motorbike!
    • My mother’s paintings.
    • My motorbikes’key

    It’s important to make clear that all these things are not as important as my family. So if I don’t have enough time to carry all those things, I will only save my family (my mother and my father). They are far worth than anything in the world.

    Hope you all like it!

  9. hey there class. I totally agree with the fact that says that every person is what he/she carries. This is like this simply because what you carry is the list of the most essencial things in your life, which of course variates on the person. If I had to choose 10 items they would be:

    *my ipod, since music cheers me up and helps me get rid of stress.
    *my favorite perfume, because i can't spend a day without it.
    *my jewelry
    *the car's key
    *my pillow, since my neck is really sensitive and wouldn't stand a different one.
    *my savings
    *my id
    *my dog
    *the tv ahaha


  10. Cristian and Vale: both of you would take your photos and music! Vale, I certainly laughed at your choice of tissue paper and a coat! You are a very practical girl... who likes to smell like a queen!
    Cristian, the playstation is a good choice too!
    thanks for sharing.

  11. cintia and Bibi, yes, we carry all those feelings inside and they definitely shape who we are. You both agree on that.
    Cintia, your savings would help you buy things that got burned in the fire! Good thinking!
    Bibi, it seems to me time has matured you and given you a sense of what is really important for you. That's valuable!

  12. Sorry! my previous comment was for Loly and Bibi!

  13. Florencia, you certainly know what you want in life! Your list of things to carry in case of fire is very specific and practical! It seems you will always be ready for an emergency!

  14. Fabi, what nice thoughts you've shared with us. Now... a bar of soup! that's creative! I would never have thought of that!

  15. sofi and Citia, both would carry the pillow! Reading your comments reminded me of a friend of mine who carried her pillow on a plane all the way to USA 'cause she couldn't stand another one!
    Nice ideas girls! thanks for writing.