sábado, 30 de octubre de 2010

The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Hi class!! Did you like the novel? I really enjoyed the analysis we did in class.
Now, here's a final question for you:
"The text leaves open the question of whether the suicide constitutes a cowardly surrender or a liberating triumph." What do you think? Take a stand and back up your choice.

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  2. Hi there! Well, I really enjoyed reading the novel. It was such an enthralling one! To be honest, I didn’t like the end because as you know I ike the kind of “happy ever after” end lol. Anyway, I believe that the suicide constitutes a liberating triumph since she realizes that killing herself is the only way she has to become free from the oppression and to belong to anyone else but herself.

    It was nice sharing this with you guys :) I'm looking forward to reading your comments about this.

    See ya! :)

  3. hey there! for me the suicide constitutes a liberating triumph since she wanted to free herself from the terrible circumstances she lived under. She was such a strong woman and preferred to kill herself rather than accept the injustices women had to deal with at the time. Lovee

  4. Hi mates!
    I liked the novel but, as I already told you in class, I didn’t like the ending. In my opinion, the suicide constitutes a cowardly surrender. Honestly, I felt pity for her because she tried really hard to get where she was, i.e. in the pigeon house and without belonging to anyone. With her decision, society was the one which claimed victory. Nevertheless, all the things she did while she was alive may be inspiring for those women who were treated as a property by their husbands. Hope they would choose a different ending!
    See ya

  5. Hi everyone! how are you doing? well, I liked the story very much because it is different from novels I have read before, I mean, I've never read about women's freedom or rebellion. I liked the ending beacause it was unexpected and original, I don't always like happy endings. But I got disappointed because Edna did so many things to be free that it seemed as if the only way to be free was commiting suicide. That was frustrating.
    Well, that's all for now!!!
    see you in class! (the last ones!!!!) }


  6. Hello! Well, as I told you in class, I really enjoyed the novel, and I liked the way in which it ends. Opposit to what Flori thinks, I believe that suicide constitutes a liberating triumph. As we talked in class, she was not happy at all: she did not want to be with her husband,she knew that Robert was not "forever", and she did not want to be oppressed by her children...so her life seemed to be with no direction, she had nothing to live for. That is why I think that commiting suicide was the only way to escape from her reality. Of course it would have been better to keep fighting against injustices, but I guess that Edna was really tired of going against the grain.

    That's all. See you!